Onewalmart – How to access One Walmart Employee Portal?

Onewalmart is an employee login portal made for the employees who work at the company Walmart. is a website owned by Walmart which allows their employees to access various work-related information on the go.

How to get Onewalmart account?

One Walmart account is given to active employees only. Once you are an active registered employee at Walmartone, your manager or HR will set it up for you. You can access the portal usually within a few business days but sometimes, it might take longer up until you receive your first paycheck.

How to log in to Onewalmart Portal?

You can access your Walmart Onewire account from a computer in the store or your personal device like a PC & Smartphone. If you are trying to access it from your personal device then keep your 2-factor authentication ready with you.

  • Open Firefox or Google Chrome or Apple Safari from your device.
  • Access and wait for the site to load completely
  • If you move the cursor on to the option “Me“, you will see the benefits of this portal.
  • Click on the Login option that is available on the right side top corner and next to the options “Company” & “Me”.
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  • Walmart login page will open. There you need to enter the required information.
  • It will ask you to enter a User ID, Country & Location.
  • Enter them and click on Sign in.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to enter the 2SV code. You will get it on your mobile number.
  • The system will verify it and asks you to enter the password. Enter the password of your account and you will see your account to access various information.

This is really simple to access One Walmart account. But there are some employees who are facing issues with 2-factor authentication or also known as the 2SV process. So, we covered it in detail. Kindly go through it and you will find it useful.

What is Walmart 2SV or wmlink/2sv? How to set it up?

Most of the portals use 2 step verification to add an extra layer of security to the accounts. This verification process is really important when it comes to securing employee accounts. Let’s see how to set it up:

  1. Access wmlink/2SV from a computer available at the store. Please remember that you cannot access this from your personal device. You must access it from the corporate network.
  2. Follow the steps mentioned there to set it up. It will ask you to enter your mobile number.

You can change your mobile number whenever you want. But, you have to contact the help desk for it. They will delete your previous number so that you can set up a new account.

Onewalmart Employee Service or Help Desk Information

If you are a US-based associate, use this number – 479-273-4357 to contact the field support.

If you are an internationally based associate contact your in-country help-desk/support.

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